What a ghostwriter can do for you

You should write a book, but…


Unless you’re a professional writer you probably don’t have time.

I may be able to do it for you. I don’t yet know who you are or what kind of book you want, and you probably don’t know much about what a ghostwriter does, so I hope this site can help. 

What do you want to achieve?


Will your book sell?


How much work will you have to put in?


What should you expect of the ghostwriter?


How much does it cost?




If you’ve been working on a book or an article yourself, and suspect that you just need an editor, click straight through to my occasional blog at stronglanguage.co.uk. Look there for top tips on getting an autobiography published, what to do before you start writing, how to get into the habit of writing, how to begin a family history and make it interesting, where to get an honest opinion of what you’ve written, ways to avoid immediate rejection, writing history books, writing historical fiction, doing the research, and writing how-to and self-help books.

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