How to spot a fake ghostwriter

Jan 26, 2018

Google ‘ghostwriter’ and most of the first-page results will be fakes. Sadly, anyone can set themselves up as a ghostwriter.

The fakes…

  • may never have published a book
  • probably work as part of a team
  • offer a short packaged ‘life story’ product
  • may work from interviews with you that someone else has recorded
  • may be working on someone else’s book at the same time
  • probably don’t even know how dull their work is
  • and are much cheaper than the real thing.

The real ghosts…

  • are published writers and full members of professional organisations such as the Society of Authors  Note: a published writer is one whose work (ghostwriting as well as writing under their own name) has been published by regular publishing firms – not just vanity publishers or self-publishers
  • write nothing without a comprehensible contract that protects both parties
  • write alone, one book at a time
  • conduct their own interviews with you
  • are flexible – they’ll also work with documents and are prepared to ghostwrite books other than autobiography
  • are creative
  • and charge more than the fakes. This is because they write full-length books with skill and humour, and are ashamed to write a dull chapter.

Take your choice!

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