How much does it cost?

Less than you’d think.

I’d like to say my fees reflect the time and expertise required, and the value of having copyright in a good book. Unfortunately for me, this ain’t so. The guys from Pimlico Plumbers are vastly better off than I am. They charge more, because people hate burst pipes. When I figure out how to make your book an urgent preventative of domestic disaster rather than a marketing tool or an entertaining add-on to life – a jacuzzi for the soul – I’ll charge more. Until then, I’ll keep enjoying my work while being ever so slightly underpaid.

I estimate how long it will take me to write the publishable work you want, so you’ll have an assurance in writing of the cost and the dates when fees are due. You’ll be commissioning a skilful published writer who has bills to pay like everyone else, so while a short work may take a month or so and cost a few thousand, a full-length one will be pro rata,  payable in stages.

If the cost is going to worry you, the project won’t work. You’ll be stressed!

If you want work in your name that you can be proud of, contact me.

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