A book, really?

Apr 27, 2017

You have to write something. An article, a dissertation, a how-to book – or maybe you want to write about something you’ve done or the life you’ve lived. “Help! I need a ghostwriter.” Can’t write, haven’t time to write, arm’s in a sling – maybe you should find a ghostwriter... Read More

How to write a how-to book

May 09, 2017

Do you really want to write a how-to book, or d’you want to tell your own story? A good how-to book tells the reader how to do something now, rather than the way the writer did it in the past.  If as a young person you want to become, say, a landscape gardener, you need a simple  boo... Read More


Apr 27, 2017

Self-publishing is no longer despised as vanity publishing by another name – and yet, that is exactly what it can be. If you’re not going to clutter the field with rubbish, make sure your book’s worth publishing – interesting, with something new to say; well written and well desi... Read More

Who what when and how

May 27, 2017

If we’re not curious, we’re not having any fun. If you’ve ever wondered how old your house is, who built it, how and why, and who’s lived there, you’re not alone. There are endless mysteries to solve in city streets and straggling villages, company histories and – o... Read More

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