What do you want to achieve?

Why do you want to write the book?

Maybe you’re writing a book in your head, but it’s oddly hard to make it readable on paper. These are the outcomes people generally want:

…either an autobiography, for family, friends and descendants – to be circulated privately. You can skip the ‘Will your book sell?’ section because sales are not your desired outcome, and go straight to the next page but one – How much work will you have to put in?

…or a book you can publish and sell. For instance

  • Your story, focussing on particular aspects of your life
  • Something that happened to real people
  • An edited edition of old letters and diaries
  • The history of a place, a firm or an industry, researched and written
  • A book on your area of expertise for a niche readership (coin collectors, television producers, wannabe divorcées…)
  • A book, blog or article that’s been commissioned by a publisher or editor but you don’t have time to write it.

If publishable work is what you want, then go to the next page.

If you simply want someone to offer advice on your writing ­or proof-read a manuscript, then do have a look at the Society For Editors and Proofreaders site.

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