Professional Ghostwriter… Need one?

You should write a book, but…

Until this year, you probably wouldn’t have had time. But in lockdown you may have actually written your book – How did that go? Do you feel you need an honest opinion or some advice?

After decades of ghostwriting and a shelf full of published books written for other people, I’ve only recently started work on one of my own. It’s a true story about events that happened hundreds of years ago and I’m still not sure whether to write it as narrative non-fiction or the other thing – a good story ‘based on’ fact.

I therefore welcome any distraction from the research, and the problem.  If you need a reader’s report  I’ll be happy to help at a day rate. Just click on Contact.

I’ll also talk about writing a whole book for you.

Please read my advice on finding a ghostwriter and trusting the one you’ve chosen: click on Get it In Writing.

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