A book, really?

Apr 27, 2017

You have to write something. An article, a dissertation, a how-to book – or maybe you want to write about something you’ve done or the life you’ve lived.

“Help! I need a ghostwriter.

Can’t write, haven’t time to write, arm’s in a sling – maybe you should find a ghost-writer.

So you come to this site. Hmmm …You can’t commit! But the book just goes on writing itself at the back of your mind…

“You mean I’ve got to write it?”

Usually there’s an alternative–  blogging, a video for YouTube, podcasting. Maybe you need a Powerpoint presentation or a puppet show, 60 seconds of animation or some lyrics and a ukelele. None of these things means you won’t write when you’re ready to. Blogging and recording sound and video will help you find out who wants to know what you have to say. You get to present your ideas and think about the responses.

“No, I have to write it.”

Plenty of otherwise normal people are intent on writing a book or getting an article published and you may be one of them.

This is nature’s way of teaching you two things. First: writing is harder than you ever imagined. (This is the correct conclusion, a revelation which will lead you in a blissful, trance-like state to the Contact page on this site.)

Secondly, you just may be able to do it… you may learn enough to write a twenty-first century classic. You may even buy a new house from the proceeds of your manual on composting. Even if you don’t you should have some fun along the way, which is why the stronglanguage blogposts on my site will have (among other things) some basic advice on writing your own book. And even self-publishing if you like the idea.

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