Ghostwriting. Whatever next?

May 09, 2017

I have been a successful ghostwriter for over 25 years.

What d’you write about?

I write about a huge range of subjects and experiences for English-speakers from all over the world. Life stories, extraordinary adventures, court cases, self-help, wild success, dangerous jobs, how to get fit, life-changing discoveries, succeeding in business, struggles of one kind or another – I look forward to writing good books whatever they’re about.

Why is anonymity such a big deal?

If you buy a book called The Art of the Deal you want to know it’s written by someone who can make a deal. Not by someone who can write a book. The two skills are separate and distinct (as the average publishing deal achieved by the average writer will attest). Now that we all know more than we ever wanted to about the US President, we also know that he couldn’t write a book to save his life – but he could, and did, use a ghostwriter to convey what he wanted to say. If you want to write a book but never have, although a publisher might well be interested – ask a ghostwriter.

So… other people’s life stories?

Autobiography is what most people want.  That doesn’t mean listing every glamorous holiday you’ve ever taken or  the 85 times you’ve been booked to appear at the London Palladium. You have to compete for readers, and only a gripping story will work. Carefully curated (and just-about uncensored) autobiography is a way of passing on the insights you’ve acquired from a lifetime of knockbacks, laughs and triumphs. If you want it to be a good read, then bring in a writer who can see the big idea running through your story and write a page-turner of a book.

And other books?

Short how-to books about such things as sports science, cookery, working in the oil industry or recovering from a breakdown may not demand the emotional engagement of a story, but they have to hit the right tone. A good ghostwriter knows how to strike the balance between between lunatic enthusiasm and bossy demands on your reading time; and she’ll ask questions about layout and design too, because it may affect the text of a book like this. Just email or call me from the Contact page.

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