What can I expect from a ghostwriter?


Most ghostwritten books need to be in the ‘voice’ of the person whose name is on the cover – you, for instance – so that your friends can believe that you wrote it. Part of my job is to get that right. The world-view expressed in the book is yours, not mine.


I work on only one book, or article, at a time. I will consider most work but I don’t undertake anything I don’t feel competent to do, or won’t have time to write in the foreseeable future.


I will write everything you would if you could, and more, and the outcome will be of publishable quality. Your funny stories will be funny, your instructions accurate, and your depiction of other people not likely to land you in court.


Fees and dates and commitments on both sides are set out in a short letter contract we both sign.


You own the copyright (meaning that you will keep the revenue from the book or article when it’s published), and I don’t have my name on the book. You are ‘the Author.’


I will read material you’ve already produced but won’t necessarily include it in the same form. There will (depending on the nature of the work)  be a certain elasticity of expression – to protect the innocent, colour in the background or liven up the action.


I’ll start on a given date and deliver the completed work on a given date.


Anything you say to me in the interviews, or show me in writing, is in confidence unless you give me permission to reveal it.

And the bottom line is…

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