Titles and details are of course never disclosed, but I’ve ghost-written full-length books about all of the following and have travelled to three continents to work with clients.

An Essex girl in the 1890s

Making millions from oil (three books, at different times, by three very different people)

Personal Protection and crime detection

Marrying for adventure

The prehistory of Britain

A Californian paramedic in the Middle East

Jailed as a journalist in North Africa

The last Tsar and his family

An unconventional approach to personal-debt reduction

From dunce at school to pioneering scientist

One man’s inspiration from self-help books

British psychiatric institutions in the seventies

An Irish solicitor’s intrigues

A tycoon slandered and ostracized

The unexplained death of a young bride

Recovering from bankruptcy

An Irish childhood

Buying and selling houses in the Near East

Being transgender

Ruin and recovery, as a farmer

Making good as the only black boy in town

The Victorian and Edwardian intelligence service

Being a personal trainer

Becoming a champion athlete

Moving to a desert island

Self-promotion for African women

Raising a disturbed child

A Shanghainese midwife in wartime London

Three generations from poor immigrants to Mayfair

Action in the Falklands War

Being an MEP

A forgotten Prince

Brain damage after an accident

A sinister influence on the British state of the 1920s

Domestic life and travel in early Georgian England

Editing: Letters from Burma in WWII, and from Kenya during the Mau-Mau revolt


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